We have entered in a new generation of technologies namely the fourth Industrial revolution (4thIR). This new technology of latest technologies advancements is merging our physical, digital and biological worlds unlike any time before. This is a large transformation for the arena consisting of Bangladesh and again a big challenge for us as nicely.

This transformation is an area where there are incredible uncertainty transition and controversy. This transformation will alternate the connection between people to people, governments to governments and institutions to institutions with the intention to have an effect on the global countrywide and neighborhood device of the governance machine and way of residing.

The shaping of the destiny of the media, information and amusement international can also be a new phenomenon within the technology of the fourth business revolution (4thIR). This new form can’t be untouched our network radio. So the query is what is going to be the effect of the fourth industrial revolution in our network radio and how community radio will live to tell the tale?

Community Radio has to stand new demanding situations inside the era of the 4th Industrial revolution. Meanwhile, the impact has been began on the Community Radios. Day by means of day the numbers of listeners are decreasing. The listeners are interested by video contents. Next 2 or 3 years the listeners may be interested to observe video contents with growing ninety five percentage instead of audio content. 5G is triumphing inside the united states. Digital broadcasting must be undertaken for Community Radio.

The rural community will mostly be stricken by the 4th Industrial revolution. Due to technological improvement, the employment opportunity in the agricultural area could be reduced progressively and there could be a exchange in the manufacturing machine. Under these instances, the Community Radios will must suppose and broadcast applications for growing education, creativity, and new abilties of the listeners and upgrading their talents which follow to the present day age.
We accept as true with that for increasing participatory schooling, creativity and abilities of the agricultural network on line Community Television will be installed facet through facet Community Radio for addressing the fourth business revolution. Community Radio will help to on line Community Television and on line tv will assist to Community Radio.

For addressing the demanding situations of the fourth business revolution we ought to realise the issue in a justified manner for the life of the broadcasting of Community Radio is critical. Side by way of aspect we should adapt to the problem and welcome fourth industrial revolution.
Steps to be taken and are looking for your interest;

a. Immediately start for on-line Community Television side by means of aspect of Community Radio
b. Immediate action for internet-based broadcasting of Community Radio and stay broadcasting of community radio thru net & via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Provide education for all Community broadcasters for re-skilling and up-grading of their know-how, competencies, and attitude.
C. Importance have to receive on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) associated schooling for the broadcasting of Community Radio.
D. Appoint a full-time Producer for series and broadcasting of commercial for Community Radio and Online Community Television.
E. Ensure and growing of participation of the listeners of all walks of life which include multi-era reaches through multi-media presence.

We solicit your special cooperation for strengthening Community Radio Broadcasting zone for adapting demanding situations within the technology of Fourth Industrial Revolution with new ideas and advice!