To affiliate the agricultural community with Fourth Industrial Revolution (4th IR) challenges, taking immediate right steps for the imminent modifications within the manufacturing, control and ruling sectors and to welcome 4th IR, Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) prepared Digital People’s Colloquium at Dhaka on 12th and 13th December, 2018 .
The motive of the Colloquium changed into to recognize the bewildering nature of the fourth business revolution standing upon the multi-dimensional concept.

We have already got entered in the new generation of technologies – named as the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). This new generation of technological advancements is merging our bodily, virtual and organic worlds not like any time before.  This is a big transformation is a large mission for the world inclusive of Bangladesh. To cope with and apprehend the new generation of the fourth revolution with emphasizing media, facts and society; for the approaching days.
To conquer those challenges, BNNRC with the help of Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) Bangladesh and Free Press Unlimited, organized the 2 days colloquium, to become aware of the changes and challenges in the life and livelihood of the people dwelling in rural areas and take powerful motion on how the community media will work to address them.

A overall of one hundred members including newshounds, media practitioners, academia and representatives of various development corporations, inclusive of the representatives of the 18 network radio broadcasters, station managers, and representatives of network radio initiator organizations with neighborhood on-line newshounds.

The -day long colloquium was cut up into six periods. Each of the sessions emphasised the challenges and the numerous strategies to deal with the challenges of the imminent 4th revolution within the era of the fourth commercial revolution. Answers to exceptional questions of participants below every consultation added unique clarity to every concern rely of the sessions. 
The first day of the colloquium changed into moderated by using the Chief Executive officer of BNNRC, Mr AHM Bazlur Rahman. The first periods were- Fourth Industrial Revolution: Challenges and opportunities for shaping rural lifestyles, in which the panellist have been Mr. TIM Nurul Kabir, Member, Global Advisory Council of Top-Level Domain.ORG and analyst Technology and Socio-Economy; along Syed Almas Kabir, Chief Executive, Metronet Bangladesh Ltd. And President Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS).

Welcoming the 4th IR, Mr Bazlur Rahman defined that 3 full-size megatrends may be determined inside the case of the fourth business revolution: Physical, Digital and Biological. And the effect of the Fourth Industrial Revolution could be appreciably in 5 regions: Economy, Business, National, Society, and Individual.

The audio system within the first consultation particularly speak the challenges of various sectors and the problems and viable movements due to the four degrees of the commercial revolution. Syed Almas Kabir stated that Fourth Industrial Revolution builds on the Digital Revolution, representing new ways in which technology becomes embedded inside societies and even the human frame. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is marked with the aid of rising technology breakthroughs in some of fields, along with robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, quantum computing, biotechnology, The Internet of Things (IoT), 3-d printing and self reliant cars.

He pointed that, within the era of the fourth business revolution, the changes in our manner of lifestyles are many, just like the Internet of Things (IOT), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 3D printing. Some demanding situations such as the creation of artificial intelligence (AI) or robotic within the readymade garment industry, this region will be facing excessive damage. Millions of garment people will be unemployed. So any more, maintaining these troubles in mind, he referred to as on each person to achieve trade and dual-time work talents. And the problem is requested to attain rural groups via network media.

Internet, whether suitable or awful, it has prompted human civilization, noted Mr. TIM Nurul Kabir, 2d speaker of the consultation. The maximized use of internet and information, the records set will become extremely large and unmanageable with the present gear additionally counts for foremost threats for humankind.

S a solution, he said that Internet Governance plays a essential position to make the brand new era better for humans of each sphere. The more humans we are capable of get right of entry to and interact in the usage of the regularly occurring tool, the greater we’ll be capable of draw betterment from this variation. Personal data held via the agencies may be applied along 4thIR, not only taking into consideration it as a prime threat.
In the second session, Smart Agriculture: Climate Change and Adaptation, Smart Supply and Demand Chain were mentioned by way of Mr. Nazrul Islam, Agriculture Expert and Syed Tamjidur Rahman, Chief Executive Officer, Change Maker.

Mr. Nazrul Islam, Agriculture Expert mentioned agricultural model inside the fourth industrial revolution. Physical dependency will take over mechanical dependencies inclusive of satellite tv for pc, drone and sensor. This inflicting unemployment and inactiveness among people, so farmers are in dire need to get introduced with new strength era in the discipline of agriculture and gaining alternative competencies to get adapt inside the technology.

Yed Tamjidur Rahman said, 4IR could change the shape of agriculture production, processing, garage and shipping; it'll additionally change the call for for food, through opportunity proteins and customized vitamins, as an example; promote linkages alongside the food cost chain, through cellular carrier transport, massive records, the Internet of Things and blockchain-enabled traceability; and create effective production structures, through water sensors, gene-modifying (GMO) and other clinical advances that make agriculture extra precise and excessive-yielding. The robotic farm fully smart device-operated will domesticate via unmanned autonomous tractors, sow seeds, fertilizer, pest manage thru drone, aerial photography through satellites.

He fourth industrial revolution will bring era may be used- to growth production by means of using quick-term and limited manpower. Along with that, how the usage of social networking or online platform can guide farmers to reach the purchaser's call for directly and what are the necessities of alternative abilities to be ensured through the farmers.
In the 1/3 consultation, the topic of this Colloquium turned into Rural Business, Social Enterprise and Digital Economy E-Commerce, Agent / Rural Banking, Mobile Banking.

In this consultation, the panellist in particular focused on how the rural network has to create very own possibility, with the available assist from distinct banks and company establishments and decrease the dependency. Agent banking has been creating scope for money transaction without physical mobility, as Mr. Shamsuddin Haider Dalim, Head of Corporate Communication and PR Corporate Communications, bKash Limited emphasizes on Mobile Financial Service (MFS). It creates a convenient platform both who are worried with bank transaction and who are detached to the banking system.

Mr Firoj Chowdhury, Principal Officer, Agent Banking, AB Bank Limited describing the concept of Agent Banking, pointed at the opportunity form of monetary service department-primarily based banking to a third birthday party corporation. Within simply one-and-a-half years of its inception, agent banking of fourth industrial era, this has been capable of appeal to a huge quantity of clients, forcing maximum authorities and non-government organizations and industrial banks to take in this transaction system.
The opportunity is, those residing in remote areas will have better get right of entry to to capital alternate. Marginalized human beings need to conform to this alteration, by means of getting familiar with the system.
Syed Tamjid ur Rahman: CEO, ChangeMaker, linking the digital economy with the Community Media, cited that considering that these offerings are offering possibilities to bring the idle cash inside the country wide financial system, we need to put together the agricultural human beings to use those possibilities as lots as possible.. Community Radios need to understand more about this digital financial system and help unfold the messages to the rural humans approximately an appropriate use of these systems. In this regard, he suggested that the network radio operators can develop a partnership with the monetary carrier carriers/banks to collectively work in this. He additionally cautioned that the community radios, due to their wider social acceptance also can paintings as agent banking for the banks and MFS service carriers and earn cash to preserve their community radio sports.

Mart Village / Smart Community: demanding situations, possibilities & manner forward, Digital Safe Safety and Security became the topic of the fourth session. The discussion panel changed into deliberated thru Mr. Md. Abdul Wahid Tomal, General Secretary, E-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (E-Cab) and Mr. Minhaz Uddin, Lecturer, Department of Mass Communication and Journalism, Jagannath University.

Mr. Tamal detailed that it's miles vital to build a clever village / clever network to hold tempo with the fourth industrial revolution. Smart metropolis within the city vicinity makes use of different varieties of digital information collection sensors to deliver records that's used to manage assets and assets successfully. Such as clever transaction, smart water deliver, clever conversation etc., needs to be brought in villages to preserve pace with the transformation of the arena.  In the new generation,  new possibilities where traditional networks and offerings are more desirable by digital, telecommunication technologies, innovations and the higher use of knowledge.
In that case, using the ever-new and accessible era should be ensured in all matters of the verbal exchange device, schooling, infrastructure and lifestyle. Besides, a smart village / smart network has to ensure pressing call for for sun energy, network health center, advanced cooking oven, sanitation facility, technical projects, infrastructure improvement, water deliver and toddler care centres and so on.

Information and verbal exchange era and social media have brought many advantages to our lives as well as many dangers. Citing a number of the recent violent incidents, Mr . Minhaz Uddin stated social community web sites, now not only provide smooth get admission to to verbal exchange, but also abate our safety and security. He emphasized to well known and knowledge policies and law of using social sites along being careful in sharing private matters.
He explained how Spreading “fake news” has been a part of our lifestyles.  Rumours, confusion or comparable propagation, absolutely or partly distorted statistics or facts, despite understanding that it is fake, helping its feature is considered against the law. Bangladesh now has stringent ICT Act and strict provisions inside the Digital Security Bill to make sure the usa's protection from virtual crimes and make certain the security of human beings's lives and assets.

On the second day, the difficulty matter of the first consultation turned into Cyber Security, Misinformation & Fake information, interfaith and Social Harmony: Privacy, Pornography, Use of Internet and Social Media, in which the discussion panellist have been Prof. Dr. Gitiara Nasreen, Department of Mass Communication & Journalism, University of Dhaka; Prof. Dr. Abu J M Shafiul Alam Bhuiyan , Department of Television, Film and Photography, University of Dhaka; Mr. Nazar E. Zilani, Theological Communication Expert.
Dr. Gitiara Nasreen stated that we are nonetheless ignorant of the precise range of mass media conversation, especially newspaper and on line information portal. Putting the mild on that, she stated, that is the reason for spreading fake information and facts. But, as being a accountable citizen we have to be confident and pass exams before accepting any information or data.  Especially, before posting or sharing them at social media web sites.

Fake information is a sort of yellow journalism or propaganda, which has to be controlled. The fake statistics is frequently as a result of humans with vested interest paying resources for stories, an unethical exercise called chequebook journalism. In this new technology, fake information is written and published generally with the motive to mislead with the intention to damage an employer, entity, or character, and/or benefit financially or politically, often using sensationalist, cheating, or outright fabricated headlines to growth readership. Similarly, click-bait stories and headlines earn marketing sales from this interest.

Discussing Cyber Security and Privacy and Pornography, Prof. Abu J M Shafiul Alam Bhuiyan stated family as mother and father have to play the principle position in it. He emphasized that we cannot prevent the internet base Fourth Industrial Revolution. Keeping tempo with that, we've got to utilize the parental alternative in pc or mobile, for the protection and protection of children. Emphasizing the fourth industrial revolution challenges, he pointed few major demanding situations, Collecting Information, Processing Information, Disseminating Information, Consumption of facts; and Cyber Security consisting of Personnel protection, Intuitional security, National protection.

Reating fantastic uncertainty, transition and controversy, interfaith is an inseparable class to don't forget stated Mr Nazar E. Zilani. He additionally stated that the fourth industrial Revolution is reworking the relation with Individual, Government and Institution affecting the global, national and local governance and day by day existence. In this fourth revelation, the own family and the society want solutions, with emphasizing tolerance, as the principle essence from every faith. So, we need to increase our mutual consider and tolerance in the community.

At the final consultation of colloquium, Digital Access, Inclusion and Adaptation, SDGs, Innovation and Accountability, STEM, TVET(Technical and Vocational Education and Training) , Smart Reskilling, Community Data – titled session become panelled via Ms. Tahmina Haque, Lecturer from Dept. Of Mass Communication and Journalism, Dhaka University; AHM Bazlur Rahman, CEO, BNNRC and Mr. Omar Mostafiz , Program Manager, FNF Bangladesh.
In this consultation the discussers highlighted that, at the side of business, media and commercial quarter, timely and appropriate adjustments should also be ensured in academia and studies to combat the demanding situations of the 4THIR. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) must be covered in each area of training and practice thru ability and ability development.

What separates STEM from conventional science and math training is the mixed learning environment and showing students how the clinical method can be carried out to regular life. It teaches students computational wondering and focuses on the real-global applications of trouble-fixing.
STEM develops a set of wondering, reasoning, teamwork, investigative, and creative abilties that students can use in all areas in their lives. STEM isn’t a standalone magnificence—it’s a way to deliberately contain one of a kind topics across an existing curriculum.
Concluding the session, the audio system proposed the individuals to be innovative and deep observant to address the transformation with the aid of themselves and assisting others of their network to welcome this fourth business revolution.

Technology is reworking our lives profoundly. With the synergetic effect of improvements like synthetic intelligence, robotics and blockchain we are on the verge of a technological revolution so that it will trade the way we live and paintings on a basically distinctive scale.
With every of the 3 preceding revolutions - the steam engine, the technology of scientific concept and mass production, and the upward thrust of digital technologies - the world has modified profoundly. And that is taking place now for the fourth time. Now technology drive the Fourth Industrial Revolution which includes cloud computing, social networking, mobility, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), coupled with accelerated computing electricity and information are altering our society.

In the twenty first century, journalism has end up immediate. The digital global has reformed media houses to provide multilingual and multiplatform content. The days of promoting newspapers and watching broadcast television are long gone. Media houses can not depend upon print to usher in revenue.

Igital disruption is reworking broadcasting but the content is at the centre of this alteration inside the media industry. The value within the industry relies upon on who exceptional leverages it to attract an audience. Overcoming the demanding situations, traditional broadcasters nonetheless keep a aggressive benefit over others.

 This colloquium was designed to assist the agricultural human beings and community media, for making sure the survival in the forth business revolution. In the coming days, community media representatives will improve in vocational education, records and era with updated information and practice, along attractive the agricultural community with it. Overall, to deliver out an adaptive mindset for challenges of network media, facts, and amusement inside the generation of the fourth commercial revolution, the colloquium served its goal to account the context-touchy demanding situations and possibilities.