It is the beginning of a new year and one of those continuously grey days when the soft slate clouds seem to settle inside the head.  It is time for reflection; to nurture the seed that might flower in the Spring.

There has been some interest in this blog, some words of encouragement and my own sense that I am expressing something worthwhile.  The ‘Educating the Spirit’ work appears to be a seed deserving of good soil and gentle watering.  Similarly, the ‘Links with India’ project ( )  that Maggie and I have developed appears to be worthy of increased and continuing attention.  I have a feeling that with both of these their real potential has yet to be unearthed and we do not know what they will look like when fully in flower.

From India comes my stream of inspiration – not the place violence and hatred currently being so horrifically portrayed in the global media coverage of the rape of the young girl in Delhi, but that where the ancient thread of compassion and intelligence is found in quiet places and smiling faces.  Nor that place where men fight to maintain power over women, expressing their impotency through acts of appalling violence, but where women are so often the embodiment of courage, resourcefulness and understanding.  There is a very interesting quotation from Krishnamurti written down by Professor P Krishna in 'Krishnamurti as I knew him.' -

'Shall I tell you what is unique about this country (India)?  I have travelled all over the world, and I have watched.  This is the only country left where the poor still smile. ....  Then he added, ' Although we are losing that quality in our country, it is still there.'

So the writing will continue and I intend to extend the exploration into travel and discussion with young and old:  there is a seed of a plan to visit India in the summer.  There is more writing and many photographs.  I am embarking on the second year of the seventh decade of my life and can no longer stand and watch the world disintegrate around me – the lonely desperation of the old, the fear and insecurity of the young in a society where lies, greed and arrogance is rewarded whilst honesty and compassion are reviled as signs of weakness.  I have very little to offer – no business sense, no strident leadership with charismatic speeches to create a world changing movement and certainly no sparkling wit and clever use of language.  Maybe all I can do is to be part of that ever increasing river of reflection that is asking: Is this the only way we can live?