A Song: Last Will and Testament

Write poetry - good, bad indifferent.  Write poetry - think of the spaces between words - think of meaning.

A  Song:          Last Will and Testament

I don’t want to
Die a hard-wired, concrete,
Plastic-tubed, metallic death.
I don’t want to
Be surrounded with mechanical sounds drowning
Out the voices of
The wife and sons
I have loved for all these years.

I want to
Lie down on the hills,
On the snow covered mountains.
I want to
Hear voices
As the breeze blows through the long grass
Of the meadows.
I want to
Rest in the warm sands of the deserts
Or bathe in cool rivers.
I want to
sink in to the gently lapping seas,
drowning in its saltiness.

So please don’t
Put me in some ambulance
With flashing light and blaring siren
To be operated on
Under the cruel glare of hospital lights.

Leave me in the sun
Hold my hand through the pain
Until my breathing is no more.